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Want to learn/practice a foreign language in a free, convenient and casual way?

SPiKL is an intra-university language exchange platform that connects people who want to do just that. If you want to learn/practice a foreign language and can offer to help someone else learn/practice your native language, then SPiKL is the right platform for you.


Marco, Germany

Laura, UK

Daniel, Mexico

Here I found a language partner who is also studying chemistry. The good thing is that you’re not limited to a course program instead you can go into town, exhibitions or even watch series, you decide! This creates new situations to master with the help of your partner. I wanted to keep up my languages, as I was worried about losing them. Within days I met a language partner who helps me with my German every week, and I help him with his English. I think it's a lovely way to meet new people, whilst also deepening language knowledge in a different way. This is my first time ever in the UK. So, I’m very excited to meet a lot of friends and improve my English! I believe there’s no better way to do so than practising. A lot. Which is why I’m very glad to have joined SPiKL! Through it I have met three friends who want to practice their Spanish and want to help me with my English as well!